Sweet Corn


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Sweet corn is one of the most versatile foods. It’s been around for centuries and can be used in many different ways. You can add it to soups, salads, and as a topping for pizza. You can also use it directly off the cob for making popcorn, chips, and tortillas.

One of the biggest misconceptions about sweet corn is that it’s high in sugar. Some people think that sweet corn is high in sugar by its name, but it’s actually very low in sugar (about 3g of sugar per 100g of corn).

We don’t even know if sweet corn is a vegetable or a grain. Actually, it’s both! When it’s fresh and can be eaten off the cob, it’s a vegetable. When it’s dry, it’s a grain.

Folate, also called vitamin B9, is a nutrient found in sweetcorn. Folate plays a vital role in the health of the body, particularly during pregnancy. It helps in the formation of good red blood cells as it helps in the formation and development of the baby. The recommended daily amount of folate in a serving of sweet corn is 200 mcg. You can get 35 mcg of folate from a 100g serving of sweetcorn.


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